CompaniesMarketCapi (M€)SectorSnapshot
APTEEUSParis4570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyDiscovers and develops breakthrough therapies for life-threatening conditions. The company has two compounds at clinical stage. Its pipeline is fed by a unique discovery engine based on primary patient cells banking and high-precision drug screening
AZURRX BIOPHARMA INCUnited States304570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyEngaged in the research and development of non-systemic biologics for the treatment of patients with gastrointestinal disorders. Our MS1819 recombinant lipase for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency is the Company's lead development program, and additional early stage research is being conducted for the prevention of hospital-acquired infections.
BAVARIAN NORDICCopenhague7764570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyA leading international biopharmaceutical company developing (with projects ranging from preclin to ph 3), producing and marketing innovative vaccines to prevent and treat infectious diseases and cancer alone or in partnerships with Big Pharma.
BIOCORPParis364530-Health Care Equipment and ServicesIndependent company specialized in the development and manufacturing of medical and drug delivery devices, particularly active in the field of digital health.
BIOPHYTISParis354570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyDevelops drugs to treat degenerative diseases associated with aging, with candidates in clinical development for Sarcopenia and dry AMD.
BONE THERAPEUTICSBrussels654570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyDevelops treatments for orthopaedic conditions and bone diseases, based on a unique, proprietary cell therapy platform, turning undifferentiated stem cells into bone-forming cells, administrable via a minimally invasive procedure.
CANTARGIAStockholm874570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyCantargia is a clinical stage biotech company with the lead immuno-oncology antibody asset, CAN04 for NSCLC and pancreatic cancer, having a dual mode of action.
CELLNOVO GROUPParis444530-Health Care Equipment and ServicesDevelops and markets a disruptive mobile diabetes management system that helps ease patients’ lives. Compact, intuitive, e-connected, Cellnovo’s insulin pump comprises a mobile touchscreen controller with an integrated blood-glucose meter.
ELANIX BIOTECHNOLOGIESFrankfurt304570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyDevelops and commercializes tissue regeneration products for acute wound care, dermatological and gynaecological applications and provides services in cell technologies. Complies with appropriate legislations on cosmetics and medical applications in Switzerland and worldwide.
ERYTECH PHARMAParis1294570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyERYTECH is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing innovative therapies for rare forms of cancer and orphan diseases.
GENEUROParis624570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyBiopharmaceutical company developing new treatments for autoimmune diseases including multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes.
GENKYOTEXParis1104570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyResearches and develops biopharmaceutical products. Offers therapeutic vaccines for the prevention and treatment of human papillomavirus.
GENOMIC VISIONParis84570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyMolecular diagnostics company that develops genetic tests and research tools for life sciences. Focused on DNA analysis, including kinetics of replication, and genetic testing in the fields of cancer, rare inherited disorders and pharmacogenomics.
HYBRIGENICSParis254570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyBiotechnology and pharmaceutical company. The Company develops inecalcitol against orphan adult leukemias.
IMPLANETParis104530-Health Care Equipment and ServicesIMPLANET is a medical technology company that manufactures high-quality implants for orthopedic surgery. Based near Bordeaux and in Boston, IMPLANET employs 48 staff and recorded 2016 sales of €7.8 million.
INTEGRAGENParis134570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologySpecialized in deciphering the human genome and producing relevant and easily interpretable data for academic and private laboratories. Genomic Services business reached €6m revenues in 2016. Its oncology efforts provide researchers and clinicians with sophisticated tools for analysis and therapeutic individualization of treatment approaches allowing them to tailor therapy to the genetic profiles of patients.
IPSENParis11,6664570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyIpsen is a global specialty-driven biopharmaceutical group focused on innovation and specialty care which develops and commercializes innovative medicines in three key therapeutic areas - Oncology, Neurosciences and Rare Diseases.
LYSOGENEParis254570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyLeading clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company specializing in gene therapy technology applied to orphan & central nervous system diseases. Develops a therapy for children with neurodegenerative disorder.
MITHRABrussels9374570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyMithra is an integrated Women’s Health company, with a particular focus on fertility, contraception and menopause. Mithra develops new, improved products that meet women’s needs for better safety and convenience.
MOBIDIAGParis4570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyBiotechnology company specialized in development and marketing of molecular diagnostics solutions used by clinical laboratories for detection of infectious diseases, including gastrointestinal infections and antibiotic resistances.
NANOBIOTIXParis3004570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyLate clinical-stage nanomedicine company pioneering novel approaches for the treatment of cancer providing a new, more efficient treatment for patients.
NEOVACSParis314570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyFocused on the development of therapeutic vaccines to treat autoimmune, inflammatory diseases, allergies and cancer.
NICOXParis1844570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyNicox is an international ophthalmology company developing innovative solutions to help maintain vision and improve ocular health. The portfolio of the Company includes two ophthalmology assets approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), VYZULTATM and ZERVIATETM.
NOXXONParis74570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyPrimarily focused on cancer treatment development. Its goal is to significantly enhance the effectiveness of cancer treatments.
ONCODESIGNParis664570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyBiopharma company dedicated to the precision medicine. Its mission is to discover new and innovative treatments for cancer and serious diseases with no known therapies. Oncodesign has 215 employees and subsidiaries in Canada and the USA.
ONXEOParis494570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyA French clinical-stage biotechnology company developing innovative and first-in-class oncology drugs based on DNA-targeting, DNA Damage Response and epigenetics.
ORYZON GENOMICSSSE1254570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyBiopharmaceutical company with 2 clinical epigenetic-based programs in neurodegenerative diseases and oncology. The first is in Phase II in MS, with AD to follow soon. In oncology, the drug has finalized Phase I-IIA in AML.
OSE IMMUNOTHERAPEUTICSParis554570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyFocused on the development of innovative immunotherapies for immune activation and regulation in the fields of immuno-oncology, auto-immune diseases and transplantation.
OXURION (EX THROMBOGENICS)Brussels1884570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyBiopharmaceutical company developing treatments to preserve vision in patients with diseases affecting the back of the eye. The company has built a diverse portfolio of disease-modifying therapies, including treatments for diabetic eye disease, a leading cause of blindness in people of working age worldwide.
PHARMA MARSSE3494570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyManufactures drug and medicines. Offers cancer treatment through discovering, developing, producing, and marketing innovative drugs of marine origin.
PHARNEXTParis1114570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyAdvanced-clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, leader in combinatorial medicine developing novel therapeutics for diseases that currently lack curative and/or disease-modifying treatments. Pharnext is pioneering a new paradigm in drug development: PLEOTHERAPY™.
PIXIUM VISIONParis384530-Health Care Equipment and ServicesDevelops retinal (epi and sub) implant systems to treat patients who have lost their sight, with the intention of improving their vision and enabling them to lead more independent lives.
POXELParis1554570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyPoxel uses its development expertise in metabolism to advance a pipeline of drug candidates (Imeglimin and PXL770) focused on the treatment of metabolic disorders, including type 2 diabetes.
QUANTUM GENOMICSParis224570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyBiopharmaceutical company with the mission of developing new therapies for unmet medical needs in the field of cardiovascular diseases, especially resistant hypertension and heart failure.
RENEURON GROUPLondon984570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyUnited Kingdom-based adult stem cell research and development company. The Company is applying its novel stem cell platform technologies in the development of stem cell therapies to serve significant and unmet or poorly-met clinical needs. ReNeuron Group has also leveraged its stem cell technologies into the non-therapeutic areas such as drug discovery.
SAFE ORTHOPAEDICSParis124530-Health Care Equipment and ServicesDevelops and sells medical devices. Specialized in medical products used in spinal surgery and offers its products to the healthcare industry.
SPINEWAYParis64530-Health Care Equipment and ServicesSpinal column implants and surgical instruments: spinal systems, cervical and lumbar cages, cervical plates, and bone substitutes
SUPERSONIC IMAGINEParis494530-Health Care Equipment and ServicesThe Company offers ultrasound imaging systems for abdomen, thyroid, prostate, breast, gynecology, vascular, and musculo-skeletal applications. SuperSonic Imagine serves clients worldwide.
THERACLIONParis164530-Health Care Equipment and ServicesMedical device company that specializes in High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). Offers a solution of echotherapy to ablate small lesions.
THERANEXUSParis454570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyDevelops proprietary combinations of repurposed drugs targeting both neurons and glial cells to address unmet medical needs in Narcolepsy, Parkinson, Alzheimer, neuropathic pain. This approach reduces risk, cost and time to market.
TRANSGENEParis1964570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyA leader in designing and developing viral vector-based immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases.
TXCELLParis204570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyDevelops cellular immunotherapies based on engineered regulatory T cells (CAR-Tregs) for the treatment of severe inflammatory and autoimmune diseases with high unmet medical need as well as transplant rejection.
VALBIOTISParis244570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyFrench Research & Development company committed to scientific innovation, for preventing and fighting against metabolic diseases. Its products are made for manufacturers in the agri-food and pharmaceutical industries. Particularly focused on solutions to prevent type 2 diabetes, NASH (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis), obesity and cardiovascular diseases.
VALNEVAParis3204570-Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyCompany focused on vaccine development and antibody discovery with revenues from a vaccine for Japanese encephalitis and licensed technology platforms